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Every business has a duty to fully understand their supply chains and to ensure that all suppliers are operating safely, legally and ethically. As those supply chains become increasingly complex with less and less transparency, it’s even more important that detailed due diligence is undertaken on all suppliers and that this is carried out regularly.

Businesses that work with suppliers that are non-compliant can face large financial penalties, significant reputational damage and, in some cases, owners and directors facing prosecution and possible imprisonment.

Our consultants will help you to gain a greater understanding of your supply chain, driving supplier performance and potentially improving any pricing and commercial agreements that are in place.

Supply Chain Compliance

At Conformity Plus, our highly qualified and experienced consultants fully understand supply chain compliance. This enables us to regularly carry out tried and tested processes to ensure detailed due diligence is undertaken on suppliers within a huge range of businesses.

We will identify any risks and non-conformity that may exist and provide you with an improved and fully transparent supply chain model. Our solutions ensure that you fully understand every element of your supply chain, making it significantly easier to manage risks and non-compliance at every stage.

Conformity Plus offers the following structured service models. However, please note that we can also provide bespoke packages dependent on any client’s specific needs:

  • Bronze - Health Check (free service)
  • Silver - Full Legal Compliance Audit
  • Gold - Recruitment Operational Audit
  • Platinum - Ongoing Management and Support

On completion of every audit or check, we will provide you with a full written report, containing our findings, recommendations and risk register. We’ll show you the way forward and support you in getting there.

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Recruitment Supply Chain Compliance.

Many businesses use recruitment agencies as part of their operations. If that includes you, you have a duty to undertake detailed due diligence on this element of your supply chain, ensuring that they are operating legally and ethically. The recruitment agency supply chain is highly complex and can present a number of potential risks to your business. These include tax avoidance payroll schemes, workers being paid under national living wage, incorrect IR35 assessments, illegal workers and, in extreme cases, even modern-day slavery challenges.

Insufficient or inadequate management of recruitment agency suppliers can result in company owners and/or directors facing substantial financial penalties, prosecution and potential imprisonment. It can also have a significant negative impact on your company’s brand and reputation. We’re here to make sure you avoid every potential pitfall.

Our solutions enable businesses who engage with recruitment agencies to effectively manage this supply chain and significantly de-risk their business. For that purpose, Conformity Plus has a team of highly experienced consultants who specialise in the complexities of the recruitment sector and the numerous different types of operating models used. In every case, we utilise our in-house market leading technology to deliver perfect solutions quickly, efficiently and effectively. This technology also allows us to provide our clients with access to varying levels of functionality dependent on the level of service they require.

To keep you fully compliant, we offer the following services. However, please note that we also offer custom packages, tailored to fit your individual needs:

  • Bronze - Health Check (free service)
  • Silver - Full Legal Compliance Audit
  • Gold - Recruitment Operational Audit
  • Platinum - Ongoing Management and Support

Full written reports with findings, recommendations and risk register are provided on completion of each audit / check. We’ll make what you need completely clear and show you the solutions.

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